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Ottawa's Dog Walking Professional

Where walkie dreams come true!

About Me


Hi! I'm the one at the other end of the leash, Caroline. I am the proud owner/operator of Walk of the Town! I created this business in 2017 out of my pure love of dogs, big or small- I love 'em all!

girl walking dogs


Group Walk

Group walks are super beneficial to our dogs, providing important socialization and fun! They can also act as a great learning opportunity for timid or nervous dogs in helping them feel more confident and safe with their furry friends. Groups are small, 2-4 dogs at once. Your dog will often walk with the same pack and will come to know his friends! Aggressive or unpredictable dogs are not accepted in groups walks.

$22-$24/ 60 min

group of dogs
Private Walk

Dogs are like people, they all have their own personalities. Maybe yours isn't crazy about fellow pups, is a little high strung, or is a rescue new to the city. No problem! Private walks are designed for each dogs specific situation.

$30/ 30 min

smiling dog
Puppy Visit

Young pups require a lot of time and special attention- puppy visits are designed to help! Visits include outdoor time to do their business and plenty of play time to burn some of that puppy energy! 

$25/one 30 min visit

$45/two 30 min visits a day

dog rolling in grass
Cat Visit

Rest assured your cat is in good hands while you are away! Cat visits consist of feedings, emptying litter boxes, giving medication, plenty of cuddles, and any other specifications you may have. 

$25/one 30 min visit

$45/two 30 min visits a day

Cat Stretching on Sheets
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